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Picture Books for Harmony Week

It is a time to celebrate Australian multiculturalism, and the successful integration of migrants into our community.mPicture books are a great way to communicate and open discussions about diversity, cultural differences and belonging.

With the recent tragic and unthinkable actions which have occurred in Christchurch NZ, it’s more important than ever to recognise the importance of celebrating cultural awareness and inclusiveness.

This week will mark the 20th anniversary of Harmony Day which has been renamed Harmony Week to offer a week long opportunity to celebrate diversity and inclusion activities thought the whole week. This year the Harmony Week theme is “Everybody Belongs”.

We’ve curated this list of Children’s Picture books that are perfect for sharing the Harmony Day message with young children.

I’m Australian Too. Harmony Day Picture Book.

I’m Australian Too

Author: Mem Fox

I'm Australian! How about you? 

Many people from many places have come across the seas to make Australia their home. How Australian is that? From countries near and far, many have made their home in Australia, sharing it with the original inhabitants, and living in peace beneath the Southern Star. Mem Fox celebrates Australia's incredible multicultural heritage in this beautiful book illustrated by Ronojoy Ghosh.


My Two Blankets

Author: Irena Kobalt & Freya Blackwood

Cartwheel has moved to a place that is so strange to her, she no longer feels like herself. This is a story about new ways of speaking, new ways of living, new ways of being.

Harmony Day Children’s Picture Book

Mixed : an inspiring story about colour

Author: Chung, Arree.

The Blues, Reds and Yellows lived in harmony. Reds were the loudest, Yellows the brightest and Blues were the coolest. However when one of the colours proclaims they are the best, discord breaks out and eventually the colours decide to live in different parts of the city. Then one day a Yellow befriends a Blue and they become inseparable, discovering a world of different possibilities and colours.


I love You

Author: Xiao Mao ; [illustrated by] Tang Yun.

Little Badger's teacher shares her favourite words with the class. At the end of the day Little Badger goes home to practise saying three special words - I LOVE YOU.


This Love

Author: Isabel Otter, Harriet Lynas

A celebration of harmony around the world.

It doesn’t matter who we are, join hands and stand up tall. Love is a special language that’s understood by all.

This timeless book shows that love is a common language with the power to unite, wherever you come from and wherever you go.



Author: John Lennon

For millions of fans worldwide, John Lennon's was the voice of the '60s, his messages of peace and love influencing the hearts, minds, and lives of a whole generation ... and that generation's children. Now in this book, Lennon's classic song Imagineis brought to life as never before among joyful, vibrant illustrations that perfectly capture the song's message of world peace and harmony.


All are Welcome

Author: Alexandra Penfold

No matter how you start your day, What you wear when you play, Or if you come from far away, All are welcome here. Follow a group of children through a day in their school, where everyone is welcome. A school where children in patkas, hijabs, baseball caps and yarmulkes play side by side. A school where students grow and learn from each other's traditions. A school where diversity is a strength.


More information and resources on Harmony Day 2019 visit the offical Harmony Day website.

This week the Itty Bitty Book Van will be visiting preschools and kindergartens allowing children to read, share and discuss a variety of picture books including a selection of books and activities that specifically encourage discussion and thought around inclusiveness and belonging.

For Just One Day - Laura Leuck, Marc Boutavant

As parents, nurturing your child’s self confidence comes in the job description. However unlike good manners or appropriate behaviour, encouraging self confidence is a complex parental responsibility. Helping my children grasp their own wonderful uniqueness, so they can explore the world confidently with an assured sense of themselves, is high on the list of my parenting goals.

Perhaps that’s why we are so fond of this book For Just One Day written by Laura Leuck  The books bright yellow cover just sings happiness and in rhyming verse readers explore the idea of being something other than yourself, for just one day. A crocodile, a Monarch Butterfly, a Porcupine? The delightful illustrations are the work of Marc Boutavant who lays claim as the creator of Around the World with Mouk series of books (also now a worldwide TV series).

The flowers would belong to me if I could be a bumblebee.

For parents: Parents will love the easy rhyme verse and retro styled, colourful illustrations. This is a great read out loud story time book the whole family will love. You can never give kids enough reassurance that they are wonderful just the way they are!

For gift givers: Gift confidently, this one’s a keeper!

For teachers: Lead into activity of creating animal self portraits, discussions about which animal best represents each child and why.


For Just One Day
Laura Leuck, Marc Boutavant (Ill).
Hardback | AU $19.99

For Just One Day. Lauren Leuck, Mac Boutavant

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