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For Just One Day - Laura Leuck, Marc Boutavant

As parents, nurturing your child’s self confidence comes in the job description. However unlike good manners or appropriate behaviour, encouraging self confidence is a complex parental responsibility. Helping my children grasp their own wonderful uniqueness, so they can explore the world confidently with an assured sense of themselves, is high on the list of my parenting goals.

Perhaps that’s why we are so fond of this book For Just One Day written by Laura Leuck  The books bright yellow cover just sings happiness and in rhyming verse readers explore the idea of being something other than yourself, for just one day. A crocodile, a Monarch Butterfly, a Porcupine? The delightful illustrations are the work of Marc Boutavant who lays claim as the creator of Around the World with Mouk series of books (also now a worldwide TV series).

The flowers would belong to me if I could be a bumblebee.

For parents: Parents will love the easy rhyme verse and retro styled, colourful illustrations. This is a great read out loud story time book the whole family will love. You can never give kids enough reassurance that they are wonderful just the way they are!

For gift givers: Gift confidently, this one’s a keeper!

For teachers: Lead into activity of creating animal self portraits, discussions about which animal best represents each child and why.


For Just One Day
Laura Leuck, Marc Boutavant (Ill).
Hardback | AU $19.99

For Just One Day. Lauren Leuck, Mac Boutavant

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