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10 Easy Book Week Costume Ideas for Non-Crafty Book Lovers

So, let me guess…the Book Week costume parade flyer has arrived in your child's bag. Panic. Mahem, Stress. Oh help! I hear you cry.

Nothing says book lover like a wonderful book week costume, but what about us non crafty book lovers? To take the stress out of book week, we've decided to list ten easy, no sewing required, Book Week costumes that will get any non crafty book lover out of trouble in a flash.

1. Duncan's Green Crayon - The Day the Crayons Quit, Drew Daywalt, Oliver Jeffers

Turn yourself into the content green crayon with one pair of green pants, an old green top, one sheet of green paper and a little bit of elastic. Slip on the green clothes, shape the green paper into a cone shape to create a pointed hat; you can add some elastic to the sides so that it stays on. If you are feeling just a touch crafty, use a black text to write the word CRAYON vertically on the front of the green t-shirt.

2. Mr Twit - The Twits - Roald Dahl
Grab some brown wool and shape it into a knotty beard. Using craft glue, stick in a cornflake, some rice, biscuit crumbs and some small bits of ripped up paper. Make sure you leave some wool strands to wrap around the head so it holds in place. Splash some old pants and shirt with some paint to add that crusty, old, dirty look and if it’s warm enough for the kids to wear sandals you can even paint toenails black for a completely dirty, horrid Mr Twit look!

3. Ella Kazoo - Ella Kazoo will not Brush her Hair - Lee Fox and Cathy Wilcox
Tease hair back and use hairspray to create a completely messed up hair look. Team crazy hair with Pink T-shirt and Blue skirt and Ella Kazoo, look at you!

4. Ruby – Ruby Red Shoes - Kate Knapp
Given that this is one of our most popular titles we can't imagine a book week parade without at least one Ruby Red Shoes.

For this easy costume you need a sheet of white paper and two material off cuts in some nice material and a length of ribbon. Create the bunny ears using this tutorial as a guide (don't let the word ‘tutorial’ scare you, we promise it’s easy!). Hunt around for a spotty skirt and team this with a yellow t-shirt. If you can't find that combo never fear, Ruby likes patterns so any combination of outfits with a pretty pattern will work just fine. Add some patterned stockings, a scarf and of course a sweet pair of red shoes.

5. Alien - Aliens Love Underpants – Claire Freeman
Turn an old headband into a set of alien eyeballs by wrapping two pipe-cleaners around the headband at one end and attaching some googly eyes at the other (eyes and pipe-cleaners are sold a local supermarkets these days). Using the felt, create round dots that you can glue onto the undies to make them look like spotty bloomers. Dress in green pants and top and pull the large undies over the top. For extra points, grab a piece of string about a 2 meters long and using left over felt cut out little undies shapes (try this template if you need) and glue your little felt undies them along the string. Attach this piece of sting, complete with felt shape underpants to the back of the green top. This will give the effect that the Alien has collected a clothesline full of underpants.

6. George - Georges Marvellous Medicine - Roald Dahl
This one is pretty easy. Simply wear blue jeans and a red top and carry a bottle of medicine (we recommend filling with water not real medicine!) create a label (we use for tasks like this.) and hey presto, you are George complete with your bottle of Marvellous Medicine.

7. I Spy 
Get your hands on an old white pillow case and cut a hole in sealed end, big enough for your child's head to fit freely through. Then raid the back shelves of your cupboard and your bottom draw for various random items to glue onto the pillowcase. You should be able to locate things like, a 5c piece, a toothpick, a playing card, a marble, a pipe-cleaner, a piece of jigsaw, glitter, a star shape. If you run short of items, head to your local $2 shop where you will find trinkets a plenty to stick on your I Spy costume. Warning, the wearer of this costume many be surrounded by people all day as they try to spy all the things glued onto your costume!

8. Press Here – Hervé Tullet

Press Here Book Week Costume Idea

Again with an old white pillow case and cutting a hole in the sealed end, big enough for your child's head to fit freely through. Grab a yellow text and in the centre of the pillow case draw a big, round yellow circle. Above the circle write the words PRESS and below the circle right the words HERE. For bonus points add a red, a yellow and a blue dot in a straight horizontal line to the back of the pillow case, giving the costume a flip side!

9. Meg, Amy, Beth or Jo - Little Women - Louise May Alcott
Pull hair back into a neat low bun, dig around an op shop for a plain brown or black skirt and a white ladies' button down shirt. A grandma style cardigan, shawl or knitted poncho over the top and you'll be warm and in character! Team with black or brown boots. For bonus points add accessories to fit your character i.e. for Jo, a pile of books tied together with ribbon or string would be a great accessory to further enhance the costume.

10. Ned Kelly - Meet Ned Kelly – Janeen Brian & Matt Adams
Using a sheet of black cardboard (Officeworks are open till 9pm weekdays!) fashion a mask with a rectangle cut out at eye level. A super easy, kids can even do it themselves tutorial can be found here. Team with a big coat, or even one of Dad's old jackets in a dark colour.

Easy Book Week Costumes Mum and Dads can pull off without loosing their mind.

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